Battra s'est trop portée à la défense de la terre et a été mis au rancart il y a fort longtemps par Mothra. Battra réapparaît donc dans Godzilla vs Mothra, version 1992, et la chicane repart de plus belle. Battra alias Battora, Battla, and 'Black Mothra' is one of the antagonists of the 1992 film "Godzilla vs Mothra: The Battle for Earth".

Battra was created by Earth's life force to defend the ancient planet from various threats, such as the destruction of the environment by technologically advance civilizations. Unfortunately, Battra is more driven by primal rage than intelligent purpose, thus becoming a destructive threat over the Earthly guardian of his more peaceful minded 'sibling' Mothra.

Although this would be Battra's only film appearance, the character has appeared in various videos games, and American produced comics like "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" (2011-2012).

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