Bizaamo est une forme de vie artificielle qui se nourrit d'électricité et qui grandit tout en terraformant son environnement au grand malheur des terriens ! The artificial life-form monster Bizaamo, from episode 31 of the tokusatsu series "Ultraman Tiga", entitled "GUTS Headquarters Under Attack" (4/5/1997).

 Bizaamo (aka Bizaarmo) is an artificial life-form of ancient alien origin, of whom a coral-like fragment was found in Antarctica, and then taken to the Japanese headquarters of the Global Unlimited Task Force (GUTS), for further study. However, the Bizaamo fragment oozes out from its coral-like shell, and begins to multiply uncontrollably, as it feasts upon the base's electrical grid. In addition to its biological abilities, Bizaamo can also merge with computer technology, and uses its surprising, but limited intelligence to gain majority control of the base, while also using the wrapped digital image of science officer Horii to deceive its captives, for additional access.

 Our heroes try to negotiate and reason with Bizaamo, but cannot get through to the creature's basic programing, of simply multiplying nonstop. And in doing so, terra forming any worlds it comes into contact with, by using electricity to convert enough carbon dioxide into a hostile, overabundance of oxygen. And thus, Bizaamo has no concern for the survival of humanity, simply because it can't.

 Thankfully, a hidden safety measure within the GUTS base, a secret default password that can only be activated through morse code, allows the humans to send all control and electricity back to a secured sub-generator, thus freeing the base from Bizaamo's grip.

 Foiled, Bizaamo takes over a GUTS Wing (aerial attack vehicles), and escapes to a local, bay side, power plant where it feasts and grows into its final, giant monster form. GUTS member Daigo, who is also the human reincarnation of an ancient metallic giant, assumes the form of the alien superhero Ultraman Tiga, and battles the slimy Bizaamo to the death.

 Although victorious, GUTS member Horii voices sympathy for the artificial organism, and its ultimately tragic existence; had it not been totally controlled by its simplistic program, Bizaamo could have willingly coexisted with humans here on Earth, and maybe even assist them in their future frontiers in space.

 Images courtesy of Raf, and Ultrazilla aka Troy, thanks !