Ultraseven vs. Dinosaur Tank
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Le nom veut tout dire pour ce mélange de dinosaure et de tank qui va passer sur le corps d'Ultra Seven !

Dino-Tank's name pretty much says it all, who appeared in episode 28 of "Ultra Seven", "Drive Swiftly Along 700 Kilometers!" (April 14, 1968, re-titled "Death on Wheels" in the American broadcast)

 Created by the mysterious Kill Aliens, the giant cyborg was a last ditch attempt to retrieve an experimental bomb from the Earth Defense Forces' testing grounds. The alien superhero Ultra Seven battled the beast, who in turn proved to be a brutal opponent that employed its cannons, tail and laser eyes as weapons. Dino-Tank's nastiest attack however was simply running over Ultra Seven with its tank-treads and added weight, harming the red giant considerably.

 Dino-Tank met a spectacular end when Ultra Seven, with the use of his forehead beam, detonated the experimental bomb while within the monster's mouth - engulfing Dino-Tank in a massive fiery explosion.

 Although light on the complex story elements and drama that made "Ultra Seven" the tokusatsu classic that it is today, "Drive Swiftly Along 700 Kilometers!" is a particularly exciting episode, filled with tons of action and impressive miniature pyrotechnics, well before Dino-Tank himself ever makes the scene.

 Additional art from the talented Killustrator * www.thekillustrator.com * thekillustrator.deviantart.com

Text and pics sent by Rafael C. Gonzalez, thanks !