Une autre créature géante qui dormait paisiblement et que l'on aurait pas dû réveiller ! The rather unfortunate Triceratops-like monster Dorigon, from episode 1 of the 1973 series "Fireman", entitled "The Birth of Fireman" (January 17, 1973).

 An ancient dinosaur who slept peacefully on the ocean floor, along with his brother monster Dorigorus, until both were awaken by a fallen meteorite, whose multiple debris heated their watery home. And further mutated the siblings into more powerful and aggressive versions of their original selves. Of course, this maddening event sent Dorigon to the surface, where he wreaked all sorts of chaos on an unsuspecting human populace.

 Fortunately at this time, Misakey (Fireman), a member of the Agan race from the Earth's core, has come to live amongst us surface dwellers in the human guise of Daisuke Misaki. And alongside Japan's Scientific Attack Forces (SAF), were able to send Dorigon back into the sea below, where they finally destroyed the out-of-control mutation.

 But the crisis was far from over, for Dorigon's equally mad brother Dorigorus still remained!

Text by Rafael C. Gonzalez, screen captures taken by EarthBaragon:, thanks !