Le premier monstre géant qu'affrontent Johnny Sokko et son robot géant. The bizarre sea monster Dracolon (originally Dakoler), from the first episode of the 1967 Japanese television series "Giant Robo", which was re-titled "Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot" in English speaking markets.

 The very first monstrous minion used by the alien despot named Emperor Guillotine, Dracolon resides in the Pacific Ocean some miles from his master's secret island base. And attacks and sinks cruise ships unfortunate enough to venture into the vicinity. Possesses super strength in its feeler arms, which it uses to bash ships and opponents alike, though this wasn't enough to save it from the heroic machine Giant Robo and 'his' virtually unlimited rounds of Finger Missiles.

 A second Dracolon / Dakoler appeared in episode 11, however unlike its aquatic predecessor, this monster lurked underground, causing sand-storms above. This 'Sand Creature' (or Dakoler II) also had a different orange body color, the power of flight, and could spew streams of sand from its mouth.

New pics and text sent by Raf C Gonzalez, thanks !