Création originale de jouet kaiju, Dualos a une tête qui crache le feu et l'autre qui projette une brume qui refroidit, idéal pour tempérer une maison été comme hiver ! The two-headed "Kaiju Dualos" is an original toy creation and limitedly produced collectible from Max Toy Company, www.maxtoyco.com, and was designed by artist and entrepreneur Mark Nagata.

 As with most of these toy-only monster figures, there's almost no story-based character information to be given, outside the original packaging art by Nagata, showing Dualos menacing a Bullet Train, and spewing forth fire from one head, and a freezing mist from the other. In addition to the original release version, there has been many different custom paint variations, and similar re-releases.

Images and text by Raf C. Gonzalez, visit his deviantart page !