Le robot marteau pilon qui engendre des tremblements de terre ! The Earthquake Robot hails from episodes 3 and 4 of the 1977 tokusatsu series "Daitetsujin 17" aka "Brain 17", and is yet another gigantic agent in service to the rouge super computer named Brain, and its criminal Brain Organization.

True to its title, the Earthquake Robot is a walking piston-like monstrosity, that can create seismic quakes with each mechanical impact. And at one point, even tries to use its singular piston like an oversized fist, in an attempt to punch through the hero robot Daitetsujin 17. If that devastating ability wasn't bad enough, The Earthquake Robot is also eternally loaded with missile bays, which it uses to destroy targets in the sky, or from long range distances.

 Despite being a literal 'Engine of Destruction', The Earthquake Robot finally meets its end by Daitetsujin 17's killing move, the gravity compression weapon dubbed Gravitron, which causes this quake maker to implode and explode at the same time!

Text by Rafael C. Gonzalez, screen captures taken by EarthBaragon:, thanks !