Projet non réalisé de 1985, proposé par Golan-Globus et à être produit par la firme Cannon, Godzilla vs Cleveland avait une approche très parodique qui n'a évidemment pas plus à la Toho. Au vu des autres productions Cannon de l'époque, on peut être heureux de sa non existence ! "It Ate Cleveland" is another in a long line of giant monster films that never got made, and was originally envisioned as a spoof of the genre, particularly Godzilla and other Japanese movie monsters. The script was written by Dana Olsen, done in the same vein of the then popular "Airplane!" series, and was bought by the now defunct company Golan-Globus for production in 1985.

The story would have involved a giant monster (an original creation for the project) to emerge from Lake Erie, and go on a comical rampage across Cleveland.

Unfortunately, major mismanagement on Golan-Globus behalf changed the script's title from the generic "It Ate Cleveland" to the more marketable (if not highly inaccurate) "Godzilla vs. Cleveland". Not having the rights to the Godzilla name and property, Golan-Globus soon found themselves on the other side of several legal threats from Toho Co. Ltd - Godzilla's home and true copyright owners.

Golan-Globus relented, and the film was put on hold until 1987-1988, where it was returned to the original title of "It Ate Cleveland", but despite this second attempt, the giant monster comedy was still left unmade.

Amazingly, this same ludicrous situation, where American businesses ignorantly assume that Godzilla is a public domain figure, and then suddenly finding themselves up against Toho's array of international lawyers, still continues to this very day!

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