Dans Ultra Q, la compagnie Tsubaraya a recyclé quelques monstres de la Toho, ici on reconnaît nul autre que Godzilla sous les traîts de Gomess. Il sera de retour dans "Ultra Galaxy: Mega Monster Battles". The very first monster in all of the Ultraman franchise, who fittingly enough is also a touched up Godzilla suit, is non-other than Gomess from episode one of "Ultra Q", "Defeat Gomess" (January 2, 1966). Despite his reptilian appearance, Gomess is actually a fully mammalian beast, awaken from his subterranean domain my human miners digging too deep.

 In addition, Gomess has a natural enemy in the form of the acid-spitting, but otherwise benevolent giant bird Litra, who defeats Gomess, but sadly at the cost of its own life. But this would not be the last we see of either monster, for both Gomess AND Litra made return appearances in the 2007-2009 series "Ultra Galaxy: Mega Monster Battles".

 New pics by Rafael C. Gonzalez. Special thanks to TarsTarkas.net for additional images: www.tarstarkas.net/blog