Un robot ventilateur géant qui a pour mission d'aspirer les criminels de leur prisons pour bâtir une armée de vilains ! The aptly named Hurricane Robot, from episode 2 of the 1977 Japanese television series "Daitetsujin 17" (roughly "Giant Iron Robot 1-7" in English), which also served as the basis for the heavily abridged direct-to-video movie "Brain 17" (1982) in the United States.

 With the mighty Daitetsujin 17 now under the control of The Defenders, the megalomaniacal super-computer Brain and his human inventor Dr. Hessler were down in manpower, compared to the forces of the Japanese military. Realizing this, the villainous duo sought to rectify that problem with the help of their newest monster machine, The Hurricane Robot, which was set about to free and capture 'the worst of the worst' of world's criminals. Whether it be from a prison, or an armored transport, the Hurricane Robot used its might to gather an army of human villains for his scheming masters.

The Hurricane Robot central eye can create a vortex-like twister, that can suck up men and machinery rather easily. Couple this with its ability of flight and to throw razor sharp fan blades, The Hurricane Robot made itself a dire threat to the world at large.

When enough willing criminals were gathered, Brain sent the machine to next cripple the energy sources of Japan. Its first target was a large coal refinery depot. The Defenders attempted to use guns and bazookas against the flying monster, but The Hurricane Robot was too powerful. Its rotating fan-like design was able to create hurricane force winds to decimate the opposing forces. Luckily for our antagonist, 17 answered their calls, and vanquished the robot with minimum effort by day’s end.

Sent by by Rafael C. Gonzalez, special thanks to Earth Baragon,, for the text and screen captures !