Iros, malgré les apparences, n'a pas d'ailes, il se sert de ses membres pour étouffer ses adversaires et leur donner des décharges d'énergie. Il saute donc d'un endroit à l'autre, mais peut aussi lancer des boules d'énergie de sa bouche et "s'encapsuler" pour être à l'abri de ses ennemis. The weird looking Iros Seijin (also known as Ayros) hails from episode 13 of "Ultra Seven", entitled "The Man Came from V3" (December 24, 1967).

A rather unreasonable alien, who after breaching the orbital defense lines by callously destroying the space station V3 (killing all but the title survivor onboard), crash-lands on Earth. And soon after, takes Ultra Garrison members Furuhashi and Amagi hostage, demanding fuel in exchange for their release.

Though not before trying to steal fuel himself by using two artificially created duplicates of the human captives. When their true nature is discovered, the two duplicates are destroyed by the rest of the Ultra Garrison, while the real Furuhashi and Amagi are later freed from Iros' spaceship.

In retaliation, Iros assumes a giant monster form, with the mechanical assistance of his space ship (suggesting that the alien is usually without a recognizable physical body), and attacks the Garrison team. This forces secret alien member Dan Moroboshi into becoming his true self of Ultra Seven, to battle Iros.

Despite the alien's elongated wing-like arms, Iros cannot fly, instead leaping short distances while fighting. He can shoot white-fire balls from its mouth, and can spin at such a rapid speed that it effectively repels Ultra Seven's infamous blade weapon / head fin dubbed the Eye Slugger. Iros apparently also possesses great strength despite his relatively short stature, almost squeezing the life out of Ultra Seven in a grappling hug.

Iros stands at 30 meters in height (little over 98 feet), weighs 13,000 tons, and his Japanese character subtitle is Space Bird-Person.

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