C'est dans "Les Envahisseurs Attaquent" aka "Destroy all Monsters" que cette race de limace métallique qui peut prendre forme humaine prend le contrôle des monstres pour menacer la Terre !

The Kilaaks (or Kilaakians) are the alien antagonists of the 1968 film "Destroy All Monsters", which was not only the ninth entry into the Godzilla series, but was also originally meant to be a farewell to the monster movies of Toho Co. Ltd, which were starting to wane in popularity at the time.

 Hailing from a small planet located between Mars and Jupiter, the Kilaaks invaded Earth in the (then) futuristic year of 1999, using the giant monsters of Monster Land on Ogasawara Island, whom were now under their technological mind control.

 Although the Kilaaks appear to be an all female race of humans, their true forms are that of primitive, slug-like creatures of living metal, that needs constant, high temperatures to retain more workable (human) bodies. And one of the main reasons why the Kilaaks' headquarters on Earth, was located inside Mt. Fuji, with its natural (though dormant) volcanic features.

At least one of the Kilaak UFOs, the space crafts used by the invaders, has the ability to incase itself in fire, becoming The Fire Dragon; a false entity that the Kilaaks threatened mankind with, after the now freed giant monsters of Earth finished off the aliens' champion, King Ghidorah.

 Despite being the extraterrestrial equivalent of a "Scooby Doo" hoax, the Fire Dragon is still powerful enough to send Rodan in full retreat, after being grazed and burned by the flaming craft. Thankfully, the human built super-vessel known as the Moonlight SY3, ends up taking down the Fire Dragon, and thus scoring the final victory for planet Earth against the Kilaak invasion.

Pics and text sent by Raf C Gonzalez, visit his deviant art page, thanks !