King Takoras est un des nombreux ennemis dans Go! Greenman, série livrée en tranches de cinq minutes, présentées dans une émission pour enfants.The octopus based King Takoras (or King Takorasu), from episode 13 of the 1973 Japanese series "Go! Greenman" ("Ike! Greenman").

 Unlike most Japanese hero series of that time, "Go! Greenman" and its predecessor "Go! Godman", were actually daily, five-minute segments from the variety program "Good Mornings Kids Show" ("Ohayo! Kodomo Show"). And in many regards, this 'Kaiju Korner' of the program was akin to Spiderman's appearances on the American children series "The Electric Company", though with a pure emphasis on fighting villains, even if it was done on an equally lower-budget of the aforementioned.

 With that said, there really isn't much else to say on King Takoras, other than he had constricting tentacles, could spew poisonous gas, and was as much a humanoid (complete with a human-looking face), as he was a cephalopod. And like many of Greenman's opponents, he probably originated from the Black Nebula Galaxy, to reek havoc here on Earth.

 Screen captures by the Giant Pacific Octopus (a huge fan of fictional octopi), with further information by Raf / Enshohma -