Vedette de l'émission britannique "The Goodies", Kitten Kong qui. mine de rien, a 23 ans, est la victime du savant fou qui veut le guérir de ses problèmes de malnutrition ! "The Goodies" was a British television show that was basically a live action cartoon comedy following the misadventures of friends Garden, Brooke-Taylor, and Oddie, played by Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor, and Bill Oddie respectively (duh).

 "The Goodies" featured sight gags, fantastical situations, and some surprisingly risque humor sometimes thrown in with the more family friendly fair. It has often been compared to "Monty Python's Flying Circus" in its outrageousness, but still stands on its own merits, especially since the series had a more comprehensive narrative and storylines.

 Of course "The Goodies" also gave us a giant kitten adorably menacing the city of London, so our previous attempts at classing it up is now totally null-in-void.

 Appearing in episode 14 (7 of Season 2), the titular feline of "Kitten Kong" (air date: November 12th, 1971) is actually named Twinkle - a tiny, fluffy white kitten who despite his cuteness, was already an handful at his original size, when the Goodies trio decided to open their own "Goodies Animal Clinic" for 'loony animals'.

 Unfortunately, Graeme, the trio's resident mad scientist, ends up giving little Twinkle his newly created growth formula / food feed, in a sincere attempt to cure the kitten of his malnutrition health (Twinkle may look like a kitten physically, but he's actually 23 years old).

 Of course this causes Twinkle to become a giant monster, who promptly escapes from the Goodies Animal Clinic, and has one of the most precious rampages across London, including destruction of the Post Office Tower. the reserved BBC newscaster and presenter Michael Aspel is not speared, as Twinkle playfully squashes him with his huge cuddly paw.

 The Goodies decide to end Kitten Kong's reign of whimsical terror, by dressing up as oversized mice, and luring Twinkle's attention, so that they can injects him with a growth reversal antidote within an oversized hypodermic needle. And nearly getting themselves killed in the process as Twinkle chase and plays with our heroes across London.

 They succeed of course, but by episode's end, its revealed that some actual mice have gotten into the growth feed, prompting the Goodies to make little Twinkle gigantic once more.

 It should be noted that Kitten Kong was not the first, nor the last monster types to appear in the series; others included the likes of the Loch Ness Monster's baby, construction equipment come to life, a gigantic hibernating Tyrannosaur, super intelligent rabbits from the moon, and a freakishly small (practically human-sized) fairy tale Giant.

Images and text by Raf C. Gonzalez, visit his deviantart page !