Margodon se promène de planète en planète et gèle tout sur son passage. Il est le dernier monstre de la série Ultraman 80, et comme les forces spéciales arrivent à le détruire, Ultraman 80 repart vers la nébuleuse M78. Ce n'est que 25 ans plus tard qu'Ultraman Mebius arrivera donner un couop de main è l'humanité. The mammoth-like space beast Margodon, from episode 50 of the television series "Ultraman 80", entitled "All the Animals Are Frozen" (air date: March 25th, 1981).

 Margodon travels the cosmos, freezing planets and even stars in its wake. And arrives to Earth to begin one such assault on humanity, starting with the Tokyo Zoo and its surrounding metropolitan areas (hence the episode's title).

Margodon continues to spread its icy wrath over the rest of the country, until the global defense agency UGM (Utility Government Members), used a quick-freezing chemical over the villainous monster. Although a cold creature itself, Margodon was overwhelmed by the combination of its own abilities, and the UGM chemical, and was frozen solid. The UGM thE used its own aerial fighters, with a connected wrecking ball, to shatter Margodon, thus finishing off the mammoth-like alien for good.

 And where were the alien super heroes Ultraman 80 and his female cohort Yullian during all this?

 Well, their human identities were discovered by the UGM in the previous episode. And having relied too much on the two heroes in the past, the UGM requested that they handle Margodon on their own. Confident that they could hold their own against future threats from space, Ultraman 80 and Yullian left the planet Earth on good terms with mankind. And returned to the Land of Light, located in Nebula M78.

 In the connected 2006 series "Ultraman Mebius", it was revealed that this decision worked out for the best, as humanity was able to hold the peace on Earth for 25 years, until the arrival of the alien horror named Dinozaur.

 Images and text information courtesy of Earth-Baragon and Raf aka Enshohma