Décidément la Lune réserve bien des surprises et ce monstre, qui se réveille et qui contrôle la gravité, ne trouve rien de mieux à faure que de venir sur Terre embêter Godzilla !

The gravity controlling lunar giant dubbed The Moon Monster, from episode 21 of the Hanna-Barbera produced "Godzilla" cartoon series, "Moonlode" (November 3rd, 1979).

A lunar eclipse somehow triggers a violent 'moon-quake' (a scientific impossibility mind you), and releases an alien giant from its subterranean hibernation. Awakened and energized, the Moon Monster uses its gravitational abilities to literally float down towards Earth, and land within the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Moon Monster's presence then causes a powerful whirlpool, which threatens both a nearby underwater science station, and the crew of the visiting exploration ship dubbed The Calico.

Fortunately, The Calico crew are also friends with the King of the Monsters himself, Godzilla, who is summoned to battle the Moon Monster, and stop its gravity controlling rampage. Realizing that the Moon Monster is forever linked to its lunar homeland, Godzilla utilizes this fact and hurls the Moon Monster back into orbit, where the Moon's gravitation pull recaptures the native beast. Though admittedly, this was quite the unbelievable victory move, even by the already insane standards of the Godzilla franchise!

Although the Moon Monster lacks a proper Kaiju-style name (this was an American produced cartoon show after all), at one point in the episode, Calico crew member Brock nicknames the troublesome alien 'Gravity Goliath'. Wither or not this was meant as a throwaway insult or not, the name stuck with most Godzilla fans, especially in recent years with online articles dedicated to the monster. Gravity Goliath may not be accurate, but is quite a fitting, alternative name for the character.

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