Un des monstres les plus simples et donc l plus étranges, arrivé sur terre dans un format marionette, qu'a affronté Ultraman Leo, vu également dans Ultraman Mebius et Ultra Galaxy. Making its first appearance in episode 49 of "Ultraman Leo", "The Red Assassin Who Beckons Death!", Nova is certainly one of the most simplistic, if not strangest monsters from the franchise to garner popularity and several return engagements.

 One of the last remaining Flying Saucer Monsters of the villainous alien Commander Black, Nova came to Earth as a smaller, puppet version of itself, who mentally and physically gained control over a little boy, in order to spread its evil in secret, such as spreading a red gas that drives humans homicidally insane.

 Gen Otori, the human form of the alien superhero Ultraman Leo, tracks down Nova, and separates the Flying Saucer Monster from its child host. Nova then grows giant size for one last battle against Gen, who in turn transforms into Ultraman Leo, while spraying its maddening gas across the city. Nova then turned the skies into a literal crimson storm, in order to confuse and hamper his opponent further. But Ultraman Leo fights on, and using his Light Ball attack, finally destroys the cruel Nova in an explosion of flames and sparks.

 A new Nova appeared in episode 28 of "Ultraman Mebius", "Konomi's Treasure", who used nano-technology to create a lesser copy of itself, dubbed Maquette Nova. The Maquette Nova was a distraction against the monster-fighting team GUYS (short for Guards for UtilitY Situation), while the real Nova attempted to lay siege to their headquarters.

 Nova return yet again in "Ultra Galaxy: Mega Monster Battles", briefly partnered with fellow villains Saramandora and Lunaticks, against the series' hero monsters Gomora, Eleking and Litra. And again in the movie 2009 "Ultra Galaxy Legends", among the one-hundred monsters resurrected by the purely evil Ultraman Belial, who ultimately betrayed and killed Nova in the climactic battle. I guess there's no honor amongst Japanese super villains.

Pics and text by Raf C Gonzalez, fan art by GFan2332 , click to visit their deviant art page, thanks !