L'oiseau qui renait de ses cendres est visible dans ce film asiatique. The obscure 1978 Taiwanese fantasy film "The Phoenix" which had a limited release in America as "War of the Wizards" in 1983 (possibly 1980).

In addition to the peacock-like title creature (done through a stiff, but otherwise nice looking puppet), the film also features a humanoid rock monster, and a villainous 'fox spirit sorceress' who can alter her own height to that of a giantess.

 Despite these three monsters, the film mainly deals with a lowly fisherman named Tai, who comes upon a magic bowl at the bottom of a lake, which can grant wishes. And the mayhem that soon follows him and his use of the use of the bowl, which ultimately leads to a confrontation with the main 'foxy' femme fatal.

 But perhaps what "The Phoenix" is most well-known for (obscurity aside) is a guest appearance by actor Richard Kiel, of "Eegah" and "The Spy Who Loved Me" fame, as the fox spirit's faithful minion Steel Hands...who wears steel gloves when in combat.

 Maybe a less-than-subtle nod to Kiel's role as Jaws in the James Bond films?

Special thanks to Avery Battles, with additional info and picture from Raf C Gonzalez, and the blog site Golden Pigsy.