On se retrouve en 2040 et voici Red Comet qui combat vilains et extraterrestres avec ses pouvoirs magiques. Il utilise la télékinésie, est super fort, peut prendre la taille d'un insecte ou grandir jusqu'à mesurer 5 miles de haut ! Red Comet worked as the "mystery man of the universe" in the year 2040. He fought criminals using his magical abilities, which include telekinesis, super-strength, the ability to shrink to the size of an insect or grow to over 5 miles tall and the ability to make things explode with his mind. He fought a Jovian giant, the Tyrant of Mysto and his monster, the Uranians, Saturnian Giants, Queen Lura, the King of Uranus, Zagu and the Spidermen amongst many others. First appeared in 1940 in Planet Comics 1.