Le drame cruel d'un robot géant extraterrestre qui essaie de se conformer à sa race qui veut dominer la galaxie mais qui, en réalité, rêve de paisiblement sculpter des rennes dans le bois. The giant Robot Randy, from episode 14 of the horror-comedy cartoon "Courage the Cowardly Dog" (original air-date October 31, 2000).

 A secretly good-hearted member of an alien race of robotic conquerors, Randy just wants to carve wood sculptures of identical reindeer figurines, instead of galactic domination. Conforming to his race's whims, Randy reluctantly travels to Earth, and enslaves Courage, along with his human owners Eustace and Muriel, in order to prove to his people that he is not a failure.

 Randy's unwilling, but no-less-harsh tyranny forces Courage to duel the giant robot in a break dancing contest, eventually winning his family's freedom. But knowing of the robot's kinder side, Courage and Muriel convinces Randy to pursue his love of wood carving, which he does to his people's ultimate acceptance.

 Not that Robot Randy is a completely passive, as he unflinchingly blasts one of his robotic brethren, after sincerely asking wither Randy can carve anything else beyond the same exact reindeer figurines.

Robot Randy was also one of the last roles played by Peter Fernandez, who is best remembered for being the producer and title voice for "Speed Racer" in America. Peter Fernandez also sports an impressive Christopher Walken impression, which he used for Randy's character.

Images and text by Raf C. Gonzalez, visit his deviantart page !