C'est en 1992 que Kodansya publie la série nommée Godzilla ou le scientifique Oniyama crée génétiquement des monstres hybrides tel que ce Baragon des Mers, mélangeant l'ADN du Baragon original avec des cellules de morse et de narval. Sea Baragon, the genetically altered clone of the original Baragon, from the 1992 manga "Godzilla".

"Godzilla" was a short series published by Kodansya Comics in the year that "Godzilla vs. Mothra: Battle for the Earth" was released in Japan. The story dealt with Godzilla battling several monsters, either revived or genetically created / altered by a mad scientist named Oniyama.

These monsters also included the robots Mechagodzilla and Mechanikong, as well as newer hybrid creations like Sea Baragon, who is made from the cells of the same Baragon from "Frankenstien Conquers the World" (1965), with added narwhal and walrus DNA. And as the name applies, this Baragon was a sea fairing threat, over the original ground burrowing dinosaur.

"Godzilla" was known for its bloody, anime-style violence, often with Godzilla himself getting extreme injuries to his chest area. Or having Godzilla totally obliterating his attackers with his atomic fire-breath, which was the same fate to befallen Sea Baragon.

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