Visiblement inspiré de Quatermass, une météorite argentée débute l'invasion de végétaux extraterrestres qui se multiplient par simple contact. UltraSeven va rétablir la situation en découpant et brûlant la plante originale, ce qui "soigne" tous les infectés. An alien plant covered with countless thorns, Wyann used two extraterrestrial Tilsonite 808 rocks to disguised himself as Ishiguro - a crew member of Space Station V3 who has just returned to Earth. In the cover of night, Wyann reverts to his true form, and begins attacking random humans by sending his blood-sucking tentacles down the streets. In turn, the victims become Wyann-type monsters themselves, and spread a vampire-like epidemic across the city.

When his Tilsonite 808 rocks are destroyed (revealing them to house both alien machinery and the real Ishiguro within), Wyann's cover is blown, which then forces him to go through a gruesome transformation while on a train in the middle of a tunnel. He then takes on giant size and battles Ultra Seven until he's cut straight in half by the superhero's Eye Slugger weapon. Ultra Seven finally destroys the remaining halves with his Emerium Ray, while Wyann's many victims revert back to normal upon the villain's death.

Alien Wyann's character subtitle is Plant Space-Person, while an alternative spelling to his name is Alien Waiell. In the Turner Network Television dubbed version of the episode, entitled "Shrubs From Space" Wyann and his brethren were called Violim Shrubs. From episode two of the tokustasu classic "Ultra Seven", entitled "The Green Terror" aka The Green Fear", October 8, 1967

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