Cousins extraterrestres des Gyaos nés sur Terre, vus dans Gamera vs Guillon. Silver skinned, extraterrestrial cousins of the Earth bound Gyaos, which appeared in the 1969 Japanese monster movie "Gamera vs. Guiron" ( aka "Gamera vs Guillon" and "Attack of the Monsters"). The fifth film in the Gamera series has the giant turtle heading for the desolated planet of Terra, to (what else) rescue two boys, Akio and Tom, from a kidnapping alien saucer. Terra was once the home to a race of humanoid aliens, until their advance technology went out-of-control, and somehow resulted in the creation of multiple Space Gyaos monsters.

 The last remaining inhabitants of Terra, the twin sisters Forbella and Barbella, are kept safe from the ravenous Space Gyaos by their knife-headed 'watchdog' monster Guiron (aka Guillon), who routinely chops up the winged intruders into purple-colored, bloody pieces. Guiron is expected to feast upon the remains of his victims as well, but the stench of the Space Gyaos is so unpleasant, that the knife-headed giant often leaves the severed body parts well alone.

 According to some sources, a brand new monster was to be used as the common menace on Terra, but time and budget restraints forced the film's crew to repaint the existing Gyaos suit (from a previous 1967 movie) silver instead. And thankfully, instead of playing dumb to this fact, the otherwise unrelated species is named after its source origin.

 The back-story of Space Gyaos is also quite similar to the one for the newer versions of Gyaos featured in "Gamera The Guardian of the Universe" (1995) and "Gamera 3: the Revenge of Iris" (1998), that being out-of-control creations of the ancient civilization of Atlantis.

Space Gyaos capture, text and art sent by Raf C Gonzalez, Mooncalfe, Dino-master, click to visit their deviant art page !