Résultat du passage de Biolante (mélange de cellules de Godzilla, d'une plante et d'une charmante japonaise) dans l'espace. Il est pas joli et pas mal bête ! From the 1994 film "Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla", in which scattered Godzilla cells from an orbiting Biollante (presumably), was exposed to cosmic radiation, and sent through a black hole, resulting in the creation of this hulking, crystalline clone.

 Dubbed Space Godzilla, by the reasonably surprised people of Earth, the alien doppelganger attacked Godzilla and his adopted son Little Godzilla on Birth Island, trapping the latter in a crystallized prison. Space Godzilla than traveled to Fukuoka, and summoned forth giant energy absorbing crystals to litter the Japanese city, as a first step in his planned conquest of Earth.  However, before the monster's power could spread beyond Fukuoka, Godzilla and the G-Force built giant robot Moguera (based on 1957's "The Mysterians") arrived, and joined forces to end the extraterrestrial menace.

 Although this was Space Godzilla's only cinematic appearance, he has returned in several Godzilla video games, most notably as the lead villain of 2007's "Godzilla: Unleashed", while the vengeful ghost of Space Godzilla also menaced Godzilla and friends in the obscure television series "Godzilla Island" (1997-1998).

 The mid-1990's toy-line from Trandmasters, entitled "Godzilla Wars", changed Space Godzilla's origins by stating on the box art that it wasn't simply G-cells mutating by themselves in the vacuum of space, but encountered and fused with a 'Crystalline Entity' instead, to become the final monstrosity who attacked Earth.

 Space Godzilla may have also been a hold over concept, from an unproduced 1978 project dubbed "Space Godzilla", but it's not fully known if later character and the earlier planned film are one-and-the-same, or simply sharing the same name, and not much else beyond that.

image courtesy of & Keizer Ghidorah, text and research Raf C Gonzalez, thanks !