Un archéologiste nommé Jarvis découvre la pyramide de Ramal et réveille les deux gardiens de pierre qui s'empressent de le congeler avec leur souffle glacial. Jarvis est secouru par l'équipe du Calico qui décide d'enquêter et ils vont rencontrer les statues animées, qui vont se frotter à Godzilla. 3ème épisode de la série d'Hanna-Barbera, 1978.  The title twin monsters of "Attack of the Stone Creatures"; the third episode from Hanna-Barbera's "Godzilla The Original Series" (September 23rd, 1978)

The Stone Creatures were two guardian statues, built and brought to life by the 'minor Egyptian Pharaoh' and sorcerer called Ramal, to protect his pyramid.

The Pyramid of Ramal, along with its two guardians, disappeared into the Egyptian sands and from history, until being rediscovered by an archaeologist named Jarvis in modern times (the late 1970's). By doing so however, the hostile Stone Creatures are sprung back-to-life, and attack poor Jarvis with their freezing ice breath (rather unusual powers, considering the duo's desert-based origins).

A frostbitten Jarvis is soon rescued by the crew of the scientific ocean ship dubbed The Calico, which was traveling down the Nile at the time. And upon hearing Jarvis' ordeal with The Stone Creatures, they decide to investigate The Pyramid of Ramal. And with the much needed assistance of the Calico's giant monster friend Godzilla. And sure enough, both the Calico crew and The King of the Monsters meet and confront the dangerous pair of living statues.

Interestingly, The Stone Creatures would NOT be the last Sphinx-inspired opponents to show up in the Godzilla franchise. The others being Norzzug the Iron Cat from "Godzilla The Animated Series" (1998) and The Sphinx from the video game "Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash" (2007).

Images and text by Raf C. Gonzalez, visit his deviantart page !