THE STUFF - 1985



L'horreur cynique et critique de la société de consommation tout en étant proche du Blob et de l'Invasion des Profanateurs ! What appears to be harmless dessert, is in fact a deadly living organism that seeks to rule all mankind!

 From the offbeat horror film and satirical comedy "The Stuff" (1985), written and directed by Larry Cohen, of "Q The Winged Serpent" fame. The Stuff is a subterranean organism that manipulates its way into the American food market, and becomes an instant sensation due to its addictive, tasteful flavor.

 But the Stuff slowly takes over the bodies and mind of its consumers, and like a mixture of "The Blob" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", attempts to conquer humanity with its loyal 'Stuffies' pawns. Worse still, is that the Stuff can attack in giant white waves of slime; even enough to fill an entire lake's worth! While the transformed Stuffies are basically doomed victims, as their delicious masters violently leave the human bodies when they are no longer needed.

 Fortunately, a very unlikely group of heroes discovers the Stuff's fiendish plot, and goes against the organism, all lead by former FBI agent turned industrial saboteur David 'Mo' Rutherford (played by Michael Moriarty, who also starred in "Q The Winged Serpent").

Pics, text and research by Raf C Gonzalez, thanks !