C'est peut-être juste une grosse anguille, mais en 1893, le Tacoma Daily Ledger rapportait la rencontre traumatisante de pêcheurs qui ont voulu garder l'anonymat ! From the July 3 issue of the Tacoma Daily Ledger. "The monster slowly drew in toward shore and as it approached, its head poured out a stream of water that looked like blue flame." The creature is described as 150 feet long and thirty feet in circumference.  "Its shape was somewhat out of the ordinary insofar that the body was neither round or flat but oval. It had coarse hair on the upper part of the body. At about every eight feet fran its heat to its tall a substance that had the appearance of a copper band encircled its body. Blue flames came from two horn-like structures near the center of the head. The tail was shaped like a propeller. "Sir, I tell you, in the electrically charged atmosphere birds and insects died. Two of my fellow fisherman became paralyzed when licked by the blue flame. They lay on the beach until eventually recovering."