Un autre film perdu qu'on aimerait bien retrouver, des Philippines. "Tuko sa Madre Kakaw" is a long lost Pinyo (Philippine / Filipino cinema) science fiction film from 1959. And probably one of a handful of such films to feature giant monsters from that country's era, not counting more contemporary attempts. And as such, these are the only known images available for this lost production.

Character actor Vic Diaz played the role of a mad biologist who plotted to conquer the world and destroy mankind, by formulating a serum or formula that could increase the size of animals a hundred times. He tested it on a ‘tuko’ or gecko which turned into a giant menacing reptile (possibly brought to life through a creature suit and related actor).

"Tuko sa Madre Kakaw" is reported to be based on the novel by Clodualdo del Mundo, and was serialized in the magazine "Hiwaga Komiks". The finished (lost) film also starred Willie Sotelo, Nita Javier, Hector Reyes, Luz Valdez, and Oscar Obligacion, and was directed by Richard Abelardo.

Information and images from the blog-site Video48 video48.blogspot.com, and further complied by Raf / Enshohma www.enshohmacorner.blogspot.com