Monstre marin mythologique qui attaquait les navires japonais, spécialement durant les tempêtes, ne pas confondre avec le Ningen. Centuries before Godzilla arrived on the scene, Japanese sailors had another aquatic horror to contend with!

The Umibozu are supernatural sea monsters from Japanese folklore, often described as the gigantic ghosts of drowned monks (hence their bald heads). The Umibozu have also been referred to as beings of living water that can assume more humanoid shapes, or ocean dwelling giants distantly related to seals or otters. While some modern crypto-zoologists theorized that Umibozu tales may have been early reports of Octopus Giganteus - the Gigantic Octopus, which is believed to be far larger than the real-life Giant Squid.

This is pretty typical of any mythological beast, with explanations varying between story sources, but there are consistencies, like the Umibozu's terrible habit of rising from the water and capsizing ships during sea storms. Why can't there ever be any NICE sea monsters with respect for peoples' boats?

Pics and text by Raf C Gonzalez, visit his deviant art page, additional artwork by Tara McPherson, and Ehime, thanks !