L'Univers de Star Wars rencontre la Toho quand on rend hommage à nul autre que Godzilla avec "The Zillo Beast". What if Godzilla decided to visit (and brutally rampage across) the "Star Wars" universe? That very question posed amongst the show's writers would become the basis for episodes 40 and 41, of the computer animated series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars".

 First appearing in the aptly titled "The Zillo Beast" (US air date 4/9/2010), this monster is the last survivor of a once dominant predator race, found on the planet Malastare, before the cruel Dugs (of whom Sebulba from "The Phantom Menace" is a member of) wiped them out, using various methods. Including a subterranean fuel which was poisonous to the beasts.

Although the giant animals were rendered extinct, rumors spread of a surviving Zillo Beast, which would one day bring about the Dugs' apocalypse.

 Some time later, while the Republic engaged in a battle against Separatist Droids on Malastare, a new Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) type weapon was tested over the battlefield, to disable the robots. However, the hollow ground beneath concealed the prophesied Zillo Beast, who is awakened from its long hibernation by the weapon's blast. And soon after, the Zillo Beast begins attacking everyone and everything on the Malastare battlefield.

 The Dugs (of course) immediately wanted to kill the five-story high creature, but seeing how its armor was resistant to most projectiles, including light-sabers(!), the Republic tricked the Dugs into thinking that the beast had perished. And instead transported it to the capital city planet of Coruscant for military study.

 Before the study was completed, the Zillo Beast broke loose from its containment, to hunt down Palpatine in the nearby Senate building, because of the senator's cruel and torturous treatment of the Zillo Beast while imprisoned. And in the process, caused major damage and citizen deaths in its rampaging wake. Ultimately, the Zillo Beast was killed using a same toxin gas converted from the Malastare fuel.

 At the end of the episode however, Palpatine informs the project's scientists that he wants the giant monster cloned, and thus leaving the door open for a possible return appearance in future episodes.

Pics and text sent by Raf C Gonzalez, click to visit his deviant art page, thanks !