Un poisson géant avec une perceuse au bout du nez, y a juste Ultraman pour en venir à bout !

The deep sea monster Gubira, from Episode 24 of the original "Ultraman" television series, "The Undersea Science Center" (1966)

A semi-aquatic quadruped whose design invokes the real-life Narwhal Whale, though with a drill-like horn from its nose, in place of the Narwhal's extended horn-like tooth. Gubira was disturbed from its deep sea dwelling, by the operation of a newly constructed underwater research facility. Not only does Gubira threaten the underwater facility, but also makes it onto dry land, and continues its rampage there. The alien giant Ultraman meets the monster in battle, but had a difficult time at it. Especially since Gubira could catch and reflect back the superhero's energy beams through his rotating nasal drill. Ultraman manages to dodge the counterattacks, and using his Specium Ray, finishes Gubira off.

Gubira appeared through several live stage productions related to the Ultraman franchise across the years, but made a true return in the 2012 movie "Ultraman Saga", where he is among several giant monsters sent forth to cause mayhem by the villainous invader Alien Bat (aka Bat-seijin).

New pics and text sent by Raf C Gonzalez, thanks !