Dans cet épisode tragique, Ultraman combat un astronaute transformé en monstre géant... Perhaps inspired by the first "Quatermass" serial, the tragic Jamila first appeared in the original "Ultraman" and is lost astronaut who mutates in an alien atmosphere. He makes a desperate return to Earth years later, but so monstrous and dangerous he'd became, that Ultraman and the Science Patrol has no choice but to destroy him.

 Jamila has made only one other television appearance to date, in the American-produced "Ultraman the Ultimate Hero" (aka Ultraman Powered), where his full human name is revealed as Jamyra Miller. And unlike the original incarnation, he is the unwilling host to a malevolent alien entity, which causes him to slowly lose his humanity, despite his need to protect his daughter from government agents, using her as bait to get Jamyra for military research.

 Jamila's design was also the basis for the otherwise unrelated Agasukeron, from a series of 1970s Japanese trading cards dubbed (to the best of our knowledge) "Pachimon". The Pachimon cards are rather infamous for taking existing monsters from movies and television, and altering their appearance to create wildly bizarre new characters. Despite the suspect nature of these cards, they have inspired further merchandise in recent years, such as the Agasukeron toy.

Scans and text sent by Rafael C. Gonzalez, Thanks !