Tiré de Gamera vs Jiger, 1970, ou l'on découvre une statue que l'on veut amener à l'Exposition Universelle d'Osaka. Mais voilà qu'elle rend les hommes malades par le bruit qu'elle émet, sifflement qui réveille Jiger. Ou l'on apprendra aussi qu'une tache noire sur le poumon de Gamera est en fait un bébé Jiger !

The title nemesis of the 1970 film "Gamera vs. Jiger" aka "Gamera vs Monster X", Jiger is a female beast who hails from Wester Island in the South Pacific. Despite protests from the Wester Island's people, and even Gamera himself, Japanese construction workers insist on removing an ancient statue dubbed the Devil's Whistle, which would be displayed at the 1970 World's Fair in Osaka. And in doing so, they awaken the sealed monster Jiger from below.

Jiger heads for Japan to reek destruction, with metallic spear-like quills, and a devastating energy beam that vaporizes whole city blocks, along with the unfortunate citizens in them. Even Gamera is briefly immobilized in a comatose state by Jiger's most intrusive and bizarre attack; her stinger-like ovipositor tail, that injects a parasitic baby Jiger into Gamera, which begins to feast on the giant turtle's blood.

Two young boys in a mini-submarine decided to go all "Fantastic Voyage" on Gamera, and within the heroic monster, they manage to kill off the Jiger offspring, retuning the giant turtle to full health. By then, the Devil's Whistle in revealed to be the one weapon that can kill Jiger, and Gamera employs it to finally save the day.

Scans, text and new pics sent by Rafael C. Gonzalez, Thanks !